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        1. IIC Master Class Online Series
          Eminent IIC Speakers

          Zhao Yulong

          Deputy Director, Solvency Supervision Department

          China Insurance Regulatory Commission

          Pei Guang

          Director General

          Shang Bureau, China Insurance Regulatory Commission

          Liu Qi

          Secretary General

          Insurance Association of China

          Cao Deyun

          Deputy Chairman & Secretary General

          Insurance Asset Management Association of China

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          Supporters & Partners
          IIC Sponsors

          About us

          Insurance Innovation Conference is a leading market research and business social networking provider for the Asia Insurance community. Our deep industry knowledge coupled with close partnerships with leading Insurance industry bodies enables us to create original content and attract top industry leaders. Every year, we present more than 20 events, including conference, training, site visit, awards, webinar, and 10 industry reports and market survey. Our series publication and digital products coupled with our unique events will provide innovative marketing solutions for clients wishing to reach a targeted audience. Insurance Innovation Conference also conducts customized research and advisory projects that can be tailored to the individual needs of your organization. Insurance Innovation Conference is a brand of SZ&W Group, which includes SZ&W Research, SZ&W Event, SZ&W Community.

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