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            In 2021, retail industry in China accelerated?the pace of revolution. Model innovation and reconstitution will take place?through technology upgrade. Brands are actively getting through the penetration of online and offline. And the innovation of supply chain is the top priority of future layout.?So it said?“Business starting depends on rate of flow, while the supply chain will decide live or die.” In current uncertain environment, how?should retail company response to the new normal status such as fast pace, large business volume, agile supply chain more and more popular, increasing replenishment frequency, reducing the amount of goods per order?… and etc.?to?promote supply chain innovation and ensure sustainable business growth??In the meanwhile, artificial intelligence, digital twin, block chain, 5G, Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc., how these various technological innovations provide support for the development of supply chain and logistics?

            In the two-day meeting,?it will?attract more than 300 experienced leaders from the retailer & branders, supply chain & logistics solution companies and high technology & equipment vendors.?Most of them are C-level leaders and head of retail,sales,commercial, supply chain,logistics,procurement, sourcing and data.?you will learn the latest innovations and trends in retail and supply chain development, solutions?and practice, and plenty of practical cases to generate real value and drive your business growth. Let’s discover the road to retail?and supply chain innovation together!

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