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          Agenda at a Glance

          Agenda at a Glance

          • Session One:Exploring New Deepwater E&P Opportunities in South America
          • Session Two:Pre-salt Ultra-Deepwater Investment Special Focus
          • Session Three:Navigating Deepwater E&P Regulation Environment
          • Session Four:Enhancing Supply Chain and Logistical Support
          • Session Five:Updates on Deepwater and Ultra-Deepwater Projects in South America
          • Session Six:Showcasing Innovative and Digital Deepwater Technologies

          Hot Issues

          • The only event to unveil engagement opportunities in South American Deepwater market
          • Country Focus: Brazil, Argentina, Guyana, Suriname, Uruguay, Falkland Islands
          • Pre-salt Ultra-Deepwater Investment Potential Special Focus
          • Outlining of upcoming tenders in Santos, Campos, Camamu, Jequitinhonha, Sergipe-Alagoas & Foz do Amazonas Basins, Guyana-Suriname Basin, Malvinas West & Argentina North Basins, Oriental del Plata Basin and North Falkland Basin
          • Spotlighting on Mega Deepwater & Ultra-Deepwater projects, including Mero 1&2, Carcara, Buzios 3 & 4 & 5, Liza Phase 2, Sea Lion, Maromba, Payara and more
          • Unlimited networking opportunities with local communities, including government, regulators, operators, investors and supply chain playerss

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