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        1. Days

          Strategic Partner

          The Only Energy Sotrage Convention Combine
          Technologies, Demand & Application In India

        2. Domestic + International Cases: Discussing Energy Storage Policy and Impact in India
        3. Updating the Mega Projects & Potential Markets in India
        4. Showcasing the International Advanced Technologies to Support “Make in India”
        5. Exploring the Energy Storage Demands & Applications in India
        6. Networking with Energy Storage Projects Developers from Different Applications under One Roof
        7. Early Confirmed Speakers

          Event Highlight

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            Development of Indian Energy Storage Under Policy Updates & International Cooperation

          • Updates of EoI
          • Progresses of Indian Energy Storage Policies
          • Legal and Regulatory Framework
          • Economics, Investment &Business Models
          • Experience Sharing: Energy Storage Policy Making Processes of US
          • Collaboration between India and other Countries
          • Indian Energy Storage Project Updates

          • First Tenders for PV+ Storage Projects
          • 20 MW Solar-Storage Project for Andaman Nicobar Island
          • GIFT City Township Energy Storage Project
          • PGCIL’s ESS Demonstration Projects
          • 10 MW/10MWh Energy Storage Project for Haryana
          • Advanced Technologies to Support “Make in India”

          • Batteries (Lead-Acid/Lithium-Ion/Flow)
          • Thermal Technologies (Phase Change Materials & Molten Salt)
          • Mechanical Technologies (Flywheels & Compressed Air Energy)
          • Behind-the-Meter
          • Energy Storage Demands & Applications in India

          • Microgrids and Electrification
          • Renewable Integration (Solar & Wind)
          • E-Mobility Development
          • C & I Customer Demand
          • Smart City & Smart Grid
          • Diesel Replacement in Telecom Towers
          • Grid Ancillary Services


          Event Prospect

          Join ESTAC India 2017

          Who Should Attend

          Meet the People that Matter to Your Business

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          ESTAC India 2017 offer you a comprehensive coverage of energy storage opportunities in India, combining the technologies, demand & application. Meanwhile, for those who are keen to find new investment opportunities or strengthen your presence in Indian market, this 2 days congress will provide plenty of opportunities to meet your future partners.

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