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          Event Highlight

          Top 6 Reasons Why You Attend

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             ♦ Learn 10+ Asian Countries’ Dairy Sector Demands, Consumption
            Trends and Engagement Opportunities

             ♦ Separated Dairy Farming and Dairy Innovation Sub-Forums to
            Explore Asian Growth Potentials from Farm to Fork

             ♦ Embracing Digital Transformation, Big Data, Robotics and other
            Emerging Technologies for Future Dairy Farmers, Processors, Traders
            & Consumers

             ♦ Limited Dairy Farm Projects Showcase to Directly Link Dairy Farm
            Owners, Investors and Relevant Technology & Service Providers

             ♦ Unveiling Cost-Effective and Growth-Driven Solutions for Dairy
            Processors to Better Satisfy Asian Consumers upon New Nutrition
            Demands and Safety Requirements

             ♦ Unlimited Networking Opportunities with 200+ Participants from
            Regional and International Dairy Communities

          Who Should Attend

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