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          • A must-attend annual gathering in North Sea and Europe region for offshore oil and gas industry development.
          • Covering multiple countries, such as Norway, the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark.
          • Covering the whole offshore oil and gas value chain and lifecycle.
          • Exploring national commitments and offshore new landscape, major projects updates, exploration in frontier areas, exploration and redevelopment in mature areas, digitalization and innovation, project management and supply chain, as well as offshore oil and gas decommissioning.
          • Networking with high level participants.

          Part of Confirmed & Inviting Speakers from

          Hot Topics

          • Norwegian Offshore Licensing
          • UK Offshore Licensing
          • UKCS Activities Updates
          • NCS Activities Updates
          • DCS Activities Updates
          • Offshore Oil and Gas in Netherlands
          • Financing and Investment in Offshore Oil and Gas
          • Access to Capital
          • Major Projects Updates
          • Exploration in Frontier Areas
          • Exploration in Mature Areas
          • Johann Sverdrup
          • Clair Ridge
          • Mariner
          • Glengorm
          • Tolmount
          • Tyra Redevelopment
          • Penguins Redevelopment
          • Ormen Lange Redevelopment
          • Key Operators to Watch
          • Exploration Programs
          • ...

          Part of Previous Series Participants

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          The Most Premier Deepwater Oil & Gas Conference focusing on India, which covers New Regulation & Local Content Introduction, Oil & Gas Discovery and Project Updates, as well as Innovative Technologies to Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency.

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