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          Custom Market Research

          SZ&W's team of industry analysts combines strong market analysis experience with deep expertise in a variety of specific technology sectors. In addition to publishing topical market research reports that are available for sale to the industry at large, SZ&W Research also conducts customized research projects that can be tailored to the individual needs of your organization including Custom Market Analysis, Market Sizing & Forecasting, Primary Research, Go-to-Market Services, and Strategic Advisory Sessions, Commercial Due Diligence, Technology Evaluation.

            ? Custom Market Analysis
          Market intelligence, competitive insights, and value chain maps and profiles that is specific to your company's view and definition of the market.
              ? Market Sizing and Forecasting
          Quantitative analysis of specific industry sectors that is relevant to your organization.
            ? Primary Research
          Qualitative and quantitative assessment of market demand in a particular sector, often involving a number of interviews or surveys among a target market of consumers and business users.
              ? Go-to-Market Services
          White papers and webcasts that you'll use to connect with your customers to deliver your unique value proposition. We will help your organization answer any or all of these five key questions:
                  WHOM will we actively target within the market?
          WHAT will be our product portfolio for target customers?
          HOW MUCH will we charge for our products for different customers?
          HOW will we promote our products to target customers?
          WHERE will we promote and sell our products to target customers?
            ? Strategic Advisory Sessions
          Two tiers of service available. Advisory Sessions which are "sounding board" discussions with our analysts on product and marketing strategies, conducted either onsite or by phone; or larger-scope C-Level strategic consultation on business planning or performance improvement initiatives.
            ? Commercial Due Diligence     ? Technology Evaluation
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