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        1. Retail News Center
          Part of Retail 21 Series Speakers

          Richard Ding


          Riccardo Luxury/Naturual Cosmetics & Healthcare Distribution Center

          Wayne Wang

          General Manager, Strategic Commercial Planning and Control

          K11 Concepts Limited

          Joyce ChihYu Chang

          General Manager, Marketing


          Rebecca Wang

          Head of E-commerce

          Nestle China Ltd.

          Joyce Ling

          VP of Strategy

          Sapient Razorfish

          Xiangyu Wang


          Tencent QD

          Frederic Guiral de Haas





          Shanghai Jiao Tong University

          Event Calendar
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          "This conference is amazing!"
          --- Edy Hermantoro, Director General, Directorate General of Oil & Gas, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
          "Well done! I had unforgettable experience here"
          --- Dr. Iwan Ratman, Vice President Operations Support, SKK Migas
          "A very good and informative conference!"
          --- Abdul Hamid Batubara, President Director, Indonesia, Chevron

          About us

          Retail 21 is a leading market research and business social networking provider for the global retail community, exploring the transformation, development and digitalization for the retail players in the 21st century. Our deep industry knowledge coupled with close partnerships with leading retail industry bodies enables us to create original content and attract top industry leaders. Expanding the market research from Asia to MEA, excellent case studies from Europe & America, we organized series retail events in these regions. Our series publication and digital products coupled with our unique events will provide innovative marketing solutions for clients wishing to reach a targeted audience and learn the latest retail channels and methods.
          Retail 21 is a brand of SZ&W Group, which includes SZ&W Research, SZ&W Event, SZ&W Community.

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